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 Welcome to Elev8 Art Studio where you can get the most extraordinary fantasy makeup you’ve ever seen. I’m keen on turning the imagination flow into a masterpiece that will emphasize the features of your natural appearance.

Having a very high range of makeup artistry, I can perform a broad variety of makeup styles depending on the type of your occasion. Whether you need clean, minimal makeup or a wild and crazy one to stand out, you have come to the right place!

I’m an addicted fantasy makeup artist who loves working with my clients turning their ideas into reality and creating the new, high-end vision of makeup art.

Makeup Genres

Makeup is the art which helps to reveal your own, personal beauty and present it from the most beneficial angle. As an expert fantasy makeup artist, I perform a mixture of makeup styles professionally. Nevertheless, there are three main makeup types that are the most popular among my customers. Learn more about them and visit my celebrity makeup studio!


  • Enhance your natural features;
  • Stay true to skin and lip tones;
  • Nurture your face;
  • Enjoy cosmetics of the highest quality;
  • Feel like you’re not wearing makeup at all!


  • Look fantastic on your special occasion;
  • Transform yourself into your dream;
  • Make everyone notice you;
  • Enjoy cosmetics of the highest quality;
  • Stand out!


  • Emphasize your specific features;
  • Get a long-lasting solution;
  • Be original with your personal style;
  • Enjoy cosmetics of the highest quality;
  • Look fabulous!


That Reveals Your Beauty

Your vision

Imagination to Reality

100% Unique Fantasy Makeup Artist

Being a creative fantasy makeup artist, I’m extremely attentive to details. My artworks stand for highlighting your personality, temper, and mindset. I’m a creator who provides one-of-a-kind makeup services that make you shine like a shooting star. Visiting my art studio, you are going to experience the power of imagination that will help you to complete and harmonize your look with outstanding details.

Fantasy Makeup

Beyond Reality

Tailored Just For You

The particular aim of mine is to represent your uniqueness through a well-crafted and compelling makeup. My celebrity makeup studio offers an individual approach to serve you with an everlasting piece of extraordinary art that perfectly fits your style and vision. My main mission as a fantasy makeup artist is to provide you with the outcome that will make you sparkle and, at the same time, will encourage everyone to capture it and point out.

Fashion Forward


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Fantasy Makeup Artist


Makeup is all about beauty and its proper showcase. It is also about uncovering people’s secret biases. You are very welcome to check out the portfolio of my celebrity makeup studio. Here you will find only exceptional artworks combining the visual perfection and the top-quality of applied materials. My clients are extraordinary and imaginative people who want to refine the ordinary by empowering their beauty with an impeccable fantasy makeup.

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